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Project EDUAL, the Educational Support Project, is the study of the brand new Dual-Directional Educational Support System. Our goal is to provide improvements and appropriate teaching guidelines or materials, by analyzing the (Dual-Directional) interaction between Teachers and Students. Basically, our study can be categorized and narrowed down in three major parts.

Formalization(Visualization) of Knowledge

First, the formalization or visualization of Knowledge. Basically, in programming class, Teaching Assistants (TAs) are assigned to support teachers and students. However, both teachers and TAs needs the same level of knowledge, to maintain the quality of guidance high. Now we propose the solution, by building a network, which faithfully follows the contents of class that both teachers and TAs share. Then they both are able to understand the problem, and the solution to give the best instructions.

Analysis of Learning Process/Procedures

Programming is the repetition of making mistakes and misunderstandings. We focused and concentrated on that certain process, to grasp the idea of the reason why students struggle to learn programming. However, to analyze the problem and improve, we have to concern about the cost of teaching faculties. Therefore as the conclusion, by obtaining the data of the process of learning and by analyzing it, we are able to provide a high quality teaching.

Realization of Dual-Directional Lecture

Usually, in lectures such as in university for example, there is only one teacher/professor teaches a large amount of students. In that case, it tends to be reluctant for students just to “go ask questions” to teachers. As a problem, teachers cannot recognize that students are not keeping up with the class and dropping out. Therefore, we provide the way, that teachers can figure out the understandings of the students in the class.

Tagged World & BSN

Human movements include much useful information. We think we can extrapolate human physical condition or mental status from human motion features and changes. We use compact sensors such as acceleration sensors, pulse wave sensors, and IC tags to get the information of human actions and movements. We support human activities from the information. This project consists of two parts, elderly support and management of worker conditions.
Our elderly support team has a purpose to prevent elderly people living alone from being cared. In other words, the elderly can maintain their independent lives. Therefore, we will find abnormal condition of the elderly in their daily lives. We study a system for their family to watch the elderly from a remote place.
In the management of worker conditions, we support not only improvement of working efficiency but also accident avoidance based on analysis of worker movement.


Recently, 3D virtual spaces have been developed because of the progress of image processing technologies and high-speed networks.Users can utilize a 3D virtual spaces and receive services anytime anywhere.However,3D virtual spaces have problems in the usability and service accessibility.To solve these problems,we aim to construct an environment where users can easily use the various virtual spaces applications such as virtual open campuses and virtual work experience,with high usability and accessibility.


  We are facing with information explosion. This study makes a model that organizes the information with goal or interest. It supports utilization of the information. We call this model “ING”. ING model notates we got information in daily life like life log as “Incident Note”. The model extracts a “Goal” Incident Note has. The Goal is expressed as vectors in multidimensional spaces, a graph structure and so on. ING model lets a computer realizes relevance between information and goal or interest of a person. This study deals with many categories. For example, organization of goods or document, extraction of interesting from Web and advertisement, etc.